Black Tie

Are you having a Black Tie event, have you thought about giving your guests the opportunity to have photographs taken of them at the event? With everyone dressed up this is a wonderful occasion to have some professional photographs taken.





With our onsite studio photography service we can photograph your guests and within minutes they can be looking at their actual photographs which we can then print off so that your guests can take them away with them.

We have a number of onsite studio options ranging from the capability to photograph in a limited space to studio setups for larger venues.

In addition to providing onsite printing at the event itself, we will after the event also place the photographs into one of our online galleries so that you and your guests can view the photographs taken with an option to purchase photographs online. Depending upon your requirements the online gallery can be available for everyone to view or we can password protect it.

To find out more about our photography services and how we can help you with the photography of your event please get in touch with us here at e4creative photography.