Prom Nights

Your school prom is a very special occasion. Planning for this Prom Night has probably taken months and everyone who is attending will be dressed up and looking absolutely fabulous. Having a professional photographer to capture your Prom Night occasion is essential.





With our onsite Studio setup and onsite printing e4creative photography can capture your Prom Night in all its splendour. Your evening is about fun and we can provide magical photographs which capture you and your friends enjoying your Prom Night.

You will find that our on the night printed Photograph prices are very reasonable allowing everyone to take their photographs home with them on the night of the Prom.

Using state of the art digital technology and with our professional studio lighting you’ll simply love the photographs that we take. If you’d like to see examples of our Photographs then by all means contact us and we will be delighted to show you what we can do.

We will also put the Photographs from your Prom Night online in one of our Galleries so that you can view and purchase them after the event.

To find out more about our Prom Night photography please contact us here at e4creative photography.